Camp Policies

A complete list of camp policies, including standards of conduct and our summer inclement weather policy

Campspace Information

After registering either online or through our Member Services desk, families will receive a link for CampSpace via email to create an online account and portal for each camper. Through this account, families will be able to finalize camp registration by completing the health waiver and emergency contact information. Families will receive text messages, email updates/alerts, and can view photos from camp. Please visit for more information!

Camp Hours

Unless otherwise noted, camp programming occurs Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm. Before Care drop off is available 7-9am. After Care pick up time runs from 4 – 6pm.

After 6pm, a late fee of $1 per minute will be charged and the total will be due at the time of pick up.

Camp Refund Policy

The “Dis-enroll/Transfer Form” must be submitted in person for all refund requests. Requests must be submitted at least three weeks before the start date of the camp week. A $25.00 administrative fee will be charged per each refund transaction, per each camp week. There will be no refunds given for requests made after the three week deadline. Refunds will not be processed for camps paid in full prior to acceptance of Financial Aid.

The following camps are provided through a contracted service and will not be eligible for a refund after May 15, 2020: all Language camps, Horsemanship, and camps at Y Arts Center (YAC).


We do allow transfers to other available camps with no additional administrative fee. Price difference between the camps will be due at the time of transfer. Transfers requests must be submitted prior to the registered camp week.

Food, Clothing & Personal Items

  • Unless otherwise noted, campers need to bring their own non-perishable lunch and beverage to camp every day.
  • Water will be available for all camps.
  • Refrigeration is not available. Please, no glass containers. Small coolers and ice packs are highly recommended.
  • NO OPEN-TOED SHOES ALLOWED. Sneakers are recommended. Campers should bring a swimsuit and towel every day. Mark first and last names on all belongings.

Please do not send valuables to camp, including electronic devices. The YMCA is not liable for lost or stolen items. Lost and found items will be kept for one week from the end of each camp before items are donated.

Hot & Inclement Weather

During excessively hot weather, our camps may modify the daily camp schedule. Typically, outdoor camps will spend part of the morning outside, before spending time inside in the afternoon. In camps where indoor access is not available, the activities are modified and children are provided activities better suited to hot weather. Air conditioning is not available in all camp areas.

In the event of inclement weather, i.e. thunder and lightning, the children are brought inside and provided alternate activities. In camps where being indoors may not be possible, they are brought to a safe location, under cover. Most camps continue with their normal day in the event of rain, with activities slightly modified.

Weather Hotline: 301-696-9622
Please call this number to find out information about pick-up locations during inclement weather.


All prescription and over-the-counter medication requires an additional form (Medication Administration Authorization Form) to be signed by a Physician prior to the beginning of camp. This form must accompany the medication when it is checked in by staff at camp. The Medication Administration Authorization Form is available on our website (B.A.S.E. Camps requires the Medication Authorization form from M.S.D.E.).

Please note any special medication needs on your child’s health form, and make sure medication is given to Y Staff with complete instructions for its administration. Instructions need to be written on the medication bottle and sent along with a list of possible side effects. This information can be obtained from your doctor or pharmacist.

Please be sure to talk to the Y Staff if you have any special concerns/ accommodations for your child. The Y staff are trained to accommodate a wide range of medical needs and concerns, but disclosure of these issues on the Health Form allows staff to prepare appropriately. Failure to fully disclose all issues may result in your child not being able to fully participate and enjoy the experience of camp.

All medication, including any over-the-counter, requires an additional form signed by a Physician and must accompany the medication when it is checked in by Y staff at camp.

Minor Policy

Camp attendees under the age of 18, must be signed in and out of camp by a parent, guardian, or other adult with prior written authorization. YMCA members age 9 and up, and who have a ‘Consent For Release Form’ on file, may be transfered to the YMCA Youth Center at the conclusion of camp programming by a designated staff person.

Movie Policy

Movies that are shown will only be rated G or PG.

Staff Babysitting

YMCA employees who are responsible for the care and supervision of your children are not permitted to babysit outside the YMCA or transport YMCA participants in their own vehicles. Our goal is to serve as role models and to help each camper gain skills and to enhance his or her self-esteem. The YMCA is committed to recruiting and developing an outstanding group of counselors and directors that are dedicated to providing the best possible camp experience.


Please apply sunscreen to your child daily and send a bottle of sunscreen labeled with your child’s name. There will be designated times throughout the day where counselors will encourage campers to apply sunscreen.


We recommend all campers bring a water bottle to camp. We do provide water for all camps and encourage children to drink throughout the day. Sugar based beverages are not suggested.

Standards Of Conduct

The foundation of the YMCA is its mission to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. The YMCA creates an atmosphere of a caring community and a place in which everyone is made to feel special and cared about. The Standards of Conduct have been put in place to ensure that everyone may enjoy the YMCA. This list is not all-inclusive. Members, program participants or guests who violate one of the standards listed below may have their privileges to come to the YMCA suspended or terminated.

  • Fighting
  • Vandalism, malicious destruction of YMCA or member/participant property
  • Theft
  • Lending membership card to another or facilitating non-members’ entry to the facility through unauthorized entrances
  • Possession, use of distribution of illegal drugs or alcohol on YMCA property
  • Use of profanity in the YMCA facility to staff or other members/ participants
  • Disruptive behavior that would adversely affect the YMCA’s reputation
  • Verbal, threatening or physical abusive behavior to other members/participants or to staff members
  • Disrespectful behavior to members/participants, guests, or YMCA staff

Camp Documents

OUR MISSION: To Put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.