Fun Zone Policies

Let your children have a great time while you enjoy working out

Please note that the Fun Zone area is provided as a benefit of Y membership so our staff can watch the children of our members while their parents work out or participate in Y programs.  Please help us by honoring the following policies:

Drop In/Pick Up Process

Only children listed on your YMCA family membership plan are eligible for this service. Children must be signed in and out by their own parent or guardian.  Grandparents with an active YMCA of Frederick County membership may utilize the Fun Zone with their grandchild who also has an active Y membership. Children ages 8 and under must have at least one parent remain in the building while in the Fun Zone. For the safety of your children, we ask that you fill out a sticker with your child’s information that will be matched with you when you pick your child up. We also have a sign-in sheet in both the front and back rooms of the Fun Zone that needs to be completed each time you drop off your child.


Reservations are highly recommended for the infant side only (3 months to 17 months of age). The reservations for this service can be made up to one week in advance. Reservations can be made by phone as early as 7:45 am, Monday through Saturday. Walk-ins will be permitted as long as space is available.

Reservations will be honored for 15 minutes past the reserved time before they become available for walk-ins. A waiting list will be made available in the event that capacity has been reached. We ask that cancellations be made 1 ½ hours prior to the time of the reservations to allow time for parents on the waiting list to be contacted. To make a reservation or notify us of your cancellation please call 301-663-5131, ext. 1257.

Health Issues

A health waiver is required for each child (waivers can be filled out at the front desk). If a child is ill, or has a contagious condition, he or she should not come into the Fun Zone. This policy is followed to protect the health of all the children and staff. When a Y Staff notices signs of illness that can spread to others (vomiting, fever, diarrhea, head lice, slap-cheek, pink-eye, etc.) the parent will be asked to return to the Fun Zone to take their child home.

Bringing In Your Child

Please be sure that babies and toddlers have clean, dry diapers and have been fed when dropped off. We will give bottles to babies if time and availability of staff permits. Please have everything labeled with your child’s name. There is a changing table available.


Our staff get to know the children quickly and establishes relationships with them. Usually an explanation of the rules of the Fun Zone will resolve any issues that may come up. Once in a while a child may need a time out. This will allow the child to sit quietly, and to think about better choices. Major discipline problems will result in the parent being paged back to the Fun Zone.


The Fun Zone services children ages 3 months through 17 years of age. Parents of children eight and under must remain in the building while their children are in the Fun Zone. Children ages 9 and up are allowed in the facility without a parent or guardian.

Inclement Weather Policy

For information on late openings or early closings, please call our Weather Hotline at 301-696-9622 or visit


All snacks must be eaten in the designated snack area. NO snacks may be eaten in or anywhere near the Play Structure. We strive to maintain a peanut free environment. Peanut-free means that food does not contain peanuts, peanut oil or any form or derivative of peanut at all. The product must not contain any traces of peanuts in order to be called peanut free. If a product contains a label that states “may contain traces of peanuts”, we must treat that product as if it contains peanuts.

Fire Drills

If there is a fire drill or a real emergency that requires the Fun Zone to be evacuated, all available staff in the YMCA will report to the Fun Zone to help take the children outside. The emergency exit for the Fun Zone is through the front door.

Please do not try to return to the Fun Zone during the drill or emergency since the children will already have exited the building. Parents should come and meet the children outside on the Ausherman Field area (sports field next to Y).

Do not try to pick up your child during the drill or emergency. The staff must keep an accurate count of all the children under their care. Once the drill or emergency is over the children must return to the Fun Zone. Parents can then come to the Fun Zone to pick up their child and sign them out.


The staff welcomes comments, suggestions, criticism and praise from parents.  Comment Cards can be found at the Courtesy Desk and at the Front Desk. Please direct any questions or suggestions to our Fun Zone supervisor, Dara Vanscoy, at 301-663-5131, ext. 1260 or email

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