Therapeutic Walking

Specialized walking exercises benefit those who suffer from physical or neurological challenges such as MS, Parkinson’s, spine issues, and arthritis. 

Total Body Basics

This class is geared toward the older active adult and incorporates cardiovascular, strength, functional and core training. All movements are low impact but not low intensity!

Senior Swim

Senior swim is designed for the active older adult who enjoys being in the water. This class also includes senior swim volleyball.


Water exercise classes at the YMCA is a low impact class in the pool to aid those with limited mobility, injuries, or any ability.

Ai Chi

Ai Chi is a gentle form of exercise for all levels, but is encouraged for active older adults and involves breathing techniques with total body movements.

Warm Water Exercise

Warm Water Exercise Classes will help you gain strength and flexibility without the strain on your joints and muscles caused by Arthritis.

Water Walking

Water walking is an exercise class to help relieve stress on joints and muscles while also taking part in a fun and challenging workout.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a classic yoga style encourages a healthy mind and body connection through a series of dynamic stretches and poses combined with meditation.

Tai Chi

Tai chi group fitness will help you feel calm, refreshed and energized. Promotes and improves general health and releases stress.