YMCA keeping Frederick healthy and safe

Established for more than 160+ years, the Young Men’s Christian Association has always been an organization that has chosen to walk in the direction of a challenge. Today is no different and we are focusing our resources on those who need the most during this time of crisis. These are unprecedented times. In light of the uncertainty created by COVID-19, closure of the schools, and the need to provide essential service for the most vulnerable in our community, the YMCA has pivoted to best support the most pressing need in our community and is working with schools and community partners to support youth, families, and our senior population to stay healthy in spirit, mind, and body.

How best can the YMCA serve the community and support the efforts to keep Frederick County residents healthy and safe?

  • As the largest childcare provider in the county, and responding to a request from the office of MSDE, The Y is aligning to serve parents who must work, including health care workers, first responders and “essential” employees protecting our community. These families need safe and reliable places for their children and at this time the YMCA has committed to being there for them.
  • Partnering with the Religious Coalition, the Y is providing Camp West Mar for emergency shelter for children and families in need of temporary housing.
  • Working with a variety of local charities, the Y is serving as a donation drop-off location for a variety of local charities including the Mental Health Association, SOAR, and the Rescue Mission to name a few. Communities are stronger when everyone works together!
  • Providing much-needed resources, from food for Head Start families, access to fresh-affordable produce, and hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive, the Y is here for our community.
  • The Y Community continues online. Access Y360: Your Virtual YMCA (www.ymca360.org) provides a way to stay healthy at home, at no cost. 

What can you do to support the YMCA and keep Frederick County residents healthy and safe?

  • Retain your membership! Y members do more than meet and work towards health and wellness goals – they’re a part of a nonprofit that is strengthening our community!
  • As a community non-profit, the Y understands many are facing financial uncertainty. There are YMCA communities across the country that have shown when people work together on a local level, it can produce long-term, positive change nationwide. The YMCA remains committed to supporting and strengthening our communities and if you can help in any way, from volunteering to donating, the Y welcomes you.
  • When you give to the YMCA COVID-19 Fund, you are helping the Y provide critical support to the community.  For those who are unable to give now, there are many options to support the Y by joining the Legacy Society with a bequest gift.  Legacy Society members can choose to have the interest of your funds to provide scholarships or you can have your money go into a nonrestrictive fund that can be used to help the Y with projects in the future.  Either way, the Y is able to ensure its future health and wellbeing and make sure we can serve our mission for the next 160 plus years.

We are blessed to serve such a caring and loving community.  Thanks for your continued support of the Frederick Y.

OUR MISSION: To Put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.