Cycle Studio Grand Opening!


  • Allows members to utilize the studio during non class times.
  • Allows members to take virtual classes that fit into their schedules
  • FOD classes range from 15-60 minutes and offer classes at various fitness levels.  
  • FOD classes include virtual instructors as well as guided rides through various countries, cities and scenery. 
  • In the events of school delays, inclement weather  or last minute instructor unavailability, we can slide in a Fitness on Demand class to minimize the impact of our members schedules and provide them with a class.  
  • Fitness on Demand allows us to give more access to the studio for our members and utilize the space more often with little to no “dead” time, that in turn gives our members more out of their membership.


  • Brand new state of the art indoor bikes, the Spinner Chrono Bike (the registered symbol should be behind spinner and TM behind Chrono)
    • Bikes offer various adjustments to fit most riders
      • Seat height
      • fore/aft positions
      • handlebar height
      • fore/aft positions
    • Turn knob to adjust pedaling resistance 
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Three fans
  • up to 3 recumbent bikes 
  • Special lighting features that can be used during class for special effect.


  • Reservations may be made now via our new Y Fitness Classes app (available on both Google Play and Itunes)
  • The Y Fitness Classes app will not only allow you to reserve a bike for class, but also a specific bike.  
    • There is a room schematic on the app that shows members where the bikes are located (by a fan, by a speaker, etc) so members can choose the bike that works best for them. 
  • Emails/notifications/reminders sent via the app of upcoming classes that have been reserved. 
  • Emails sent after each class with individualized class stats (how many miles traveled, estimated calorie count, estimated watts, etc). 
  • Members can better track their overall stats/history through the app.
  • Members can rate their instructors and provide feedback. 
  • Members can also cancel a reservation if they are unable to come.  This in turn will then notify another member on the wait list that a bike is now available. 


  • This is an opt in/out of feature during class.
  • The board shows in zones how a participant is working during class.
    • Zone 1 (grey) improves overall health & helps recovery
    • Zone 2 (blue) improves basic endurance & fat burn
    • Zone 3 (green) improves aerobic fitness
    • Zone 4 (Yellow) Increases maximum performance capacity
    • Zone 5 (red) Develops maximum performance & speed
  • This is a great visual tool for members to see where they are working.  Most Group Cycle classes will run in the first three zones with some pops into Zone 4 & 5.
  • HIIT classes like SPRINT will spend more time in Zone 4 and 5 during work efforts with some time being rest/recovery times in Zone 1-3.  
  • This technology also offers instructors an opportunity to build classes around team challenges or zones they want to focus on by the class or by song.  It opens up several possible training options to continue to keep classes challenging, changing, and fun.
  • The FitMetrix technology also allows members to sync up with a wearable device- which in turn will close the gap of the “estimated” calorie burn and power output during class and become more individualized for each participant.

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